School History

Christ the King Catholic Elementary/Junior High School

333 Cranston Way SE

Feast Day: during the last week of Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Calendar.

The school is named in honor of the Risen Lord. Christ the King. This name, given to Jesus in Scripture captures Christ’s dominion over all and recognizes the purpose for which he was sent by God the Father. Christ the King through his life, death and resurrection reflects the Kingdom of God with a focus on loving and serving one another. Our school emblem embodies the Kingship of Christ. In our logo you see the symbolism of the resurrected Christ with loving arms reaching outward embracing all of humanity.
Christ the King School opened its doors to the Cranston community on November 25, 2010. Mike Bolder and Patty Makowski led 45 teachers into this wonderful building to work closely with 680 kindergarten to grade 9 students.